Check out who our artist of the week is and find out more about her music and life inside.


The Texas Music Scene is home to many guys but when we find those females that stick in the scene and make a strong name for them selves they deserve just as much recognition as any other artist in the scene because often times I think they work harder than some of the guys out there. This weeks Kickin Country Artist of the Week is Bri Bagwell.

She grew up playing guitar with her brothers in New Mexico, and as peoples lives divert from paths originally taken she lost her brothers in the band. But it wasn't long before she had just as many class A musicians back in the band and kicked off the Bri Bagwell and the Banned.

A Bri Bagwell show is a energy packed fun time that puts you in the passenger seat of a wild and crazy ride that takes you to all time highs with the feel good songs but can drop you right into the hurt of the lyrics of that sad country song.

She has had two singles 0ut to radio that have been strong songs  on the Texas Music Chart including "Banned From Santa Fe". Her current single is "Whiskey" a song that really puts a new perspective on loving someone.