Rich O'Toole has been on the Texas Country Music scene for a number of years now and has built quite a fan base. I am happy to see that he is coming to the all new Penny Tap House this Friday night.

Rich has around 15 top ten hits out there along with numerous other songs that have charted well for him. He has played well over 1,000 full band shows all over the U.S. and just keeps on going.

He is a native Texan from Houston, has traveled all over the country and even decided to base out of Los Angeles, Ca. for a while.

Rich O'Toole has four successful albums out and about to release a new one soon. In fact he has a new single called 'Talk About The Weather' working it's way up the charts now and will be on that upcoming album.

Some of Rich's biggest songs include 'Romance Rodeo', 'Queen Of The Misfits', 'Kelly Comes To Town', 'In A Minute Or Two', 'Never Gonna Quit', 'The Cricket Song', 'You Say You Wanna Rock And Roll', and many more.

I'm looking forward to the show as Kickin' Country 103.1 will be broadcasting live this Friday at the new Penny Tap House. Listen for your chance to get on the meet and greet guest list for Rich O'Toole.

'Jaded' is another big song for Rich. Here is the music video for you to check out as we get close to the show.