These guys are picking up a lot of steam in the Concho Valley after first playing here just months ago. The O's are out of Dallas and opened several months ago for American Aquarium at Blaine's Pub. It was both bands debut in San Angelo and both bands sounded great. The O's have since played Blaine's several times and they keep bringing them back, because they are so popular and keep filling the venue.

The O's are a duo with two very talented musicians/vocalist - Taylor Young and John Pedigo. They have actually been on the scene together since 2008 after both of them had spent time in other bands.

They have since toured all across the US, UK, Europe, and even Hawaii and have performed on TV shows, talk shows, radio shows, festivals, clubs, bars, and restaurants throughout several different countries and continents.

The O's have several albums out and are currently working on a new one that will be called 'Honeycomb'. They always make they sure their fans are having fun at their shows and leave them wanting more!

Be sure to catch their show this Friday, May 1st at Blaine's Pub. Here is a video to one of the O's most popular songs.

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