Take a peak inside to see more about Brian Keane, the Kickin Country Artist of the Week!

He may not have been born and raised in Texas but he got here as fast as he could, Keane started playing music in a cover band and after sometime decided that he was burned out. Keane took on other jobs and found his pen and paper close to his heart while bar tending and decided to give music a second try as an artist. He debuted his first album "I Aint Even Lonely" which was produced in his Austin apartment. Keane has released many hits including his hit in 2009 "She Left Me For Jesus" which won 2009 Americana Song of the Year. Since then he has released several songs that have charted highly on the Texas Music Chart like "I'll Sing About Mine (The Tractor Song)" which was co wrote by Adam Hood. Brian's current album 90 Miles an Hour rocks some of the truest colors of what he stands for and how he has earned his spot as the Kickin Country Artist of the Week.

Check out his web site and find a show close to you because this guy is making waves in the music scene that cant be stopped nor should they.