Zane Williams is one of the best talents on the Texas Music Scene today. I am delighted to announce that his new album goes on sale today (April 14).

The album is called Texas Like That and the title cut has already been a huge hit for Zane. His current single is Jayton And Jill, and it has been racing up the charts. Both of these songs showcase his talent as a great writer as well as having strong vocals. But that is just scratching the surface of Zane's diversity in writing styles as he already has a string of hits to his credit.

'Texas Like That' will be Zane's 5th album since he started recording in 2006. He tours all over the United States continuously and I look forward to seeing him perform again when he makes it back to San Angelo. Take a look at his biggest song hit so far, Overnight Success

Zane also has a very cool feature he does on his Facebook page called Music Mondays. His fans submit random words, and he chooses ten of those words to create an original song. He then posts the song for everyone to listen too. It's just him and his guitar. I think this is an amazing way that he showcases his incredible songwriting talent.

Also, check out Zane's opinion on music in general, but specifically why he loves country music the best.

My thoughts on today's country music, and where we take it from here....

Posted by Zane Williams on Tuesday, April 14, 2015