We love our Facebook fans so much here at Kickin’ Country that we’ve decided to highlight a couple of them every week and let you decide who should be crowned “Kickin’ Facebook Cutie of the Week”.

Presenting to you this week's set of adorable cuties competing in the Kickin’ Country Facebook Cutie of the Week contest! This week we have Yvonne against Emily. These two beautiful women will be battling it out for a chance to claim the title of Kickin’ Facebook Cutie of the Week and a pair of Schlitterbahn tickets!

So take a long, good look at both photos and make your pick!







Now we KNOW you’re going to have a tough time choosing this week. These girls are both unbelievable adorable. But, take a good look and cast your vote. The winner gets a pair of Schlitterbahn tickets and maybe, just maybe, she’ll take you! You can vote once a day all week!


Remember, guys, you can enter, too! It’s not just for the ladies!