Even though the Los Lonely Boys released their newest album "Revelation" in late January, I still hadn't heard all of the songs. However, I did just stumbled upon one that I absolutely love! "So Sensual" is Track 5 on their newest album which is full of 12 great new songs by the band. Though, "So Sensual" definitely has competition from the rest of the album. "Don't Walk Away" is a close running second. This new album is closer to their roots, and has a awesome new sound to go with it. Los Lonely Boys explain their new sounds, "While maintaining the band's trademark mix of bluesy rock and rootsy brown-eyed soul, Revelation adds the conjunto touches of “Blame It On Love,” the reggae groove of “Give A Little More,” the rustic acoustic textures of “It’s Just My Heart Talkin’ and the baroque pop elements of “There’s Always Tomorrow.”

You decide which song is your favorite.

#1 'Don't Walk Away' 

#2 'So Sensual'

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