The Southwest Classic has come and gone yet again and for the first time in 4 years I was extremely disappointed in the game.  The Hogs fell to the Ags 58-10, what a beating.


Ben Ryan

The Arkansas Razorbacks were SUPPOSED to be a contender for the National Championship this year however Bobby Petrino was caught up in a scandal with Jessica Dorrell and fired.  Jeff Long, University Of Arkansas Athletic Director, then hired an eccentric head coach by the name of John L. Smith.  This is how everything went down the drain.  I'm not a coach but I would think that the first thing a coach should know is where he is coaching.

I was one of the very few people wearing red in the sea of maroon at Kyle Field on gameday.  It was an odd atmosphere sitting in the stands as nobody was quite sure how the game was going to turn out.  Most people I talked to believed it'd be a low scoring close game, Adam and I thought the same.  As it turns out it that was not the case.  The Razorbacks absolutely did not show up for the game and the stats reflected such.  Final score was 58-10 with Texas A&M taking their first victory against another SEC team.  If there are two teams that I feel it is against my religion to cheer for that would be A&M and LSU.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  Next year the game will be in Arkansas then back to Cowboys Stadium in 2014.  In a way, from now on out it's our home field.  Okay, maybe not but Jerry Jones is a Razorback and was co-captain in 1964 when the Hogs won the National Championship.  As it stands I owe Rich O'Toole some radio play, every hour for two days that is.  Rich, well played sir but next year you're going down.  Wooo Pig Sooie!  Go Hogs!

Rich O'Toole - Red Win On Your Lipstick