The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board approved a proposed reduction of Specialty License Plate prices offered through the official vendor at their November recently proposed the reduction in pricing to further broaden the appeal of its specialty license plates in Texas and to make them more affordable for all Texans.

“Price is often cited as the number one reason why people have yet to purchase a My Plates plate” said Steve Farrar, President of

“Now entering our second five-year contract, we have reduced the prices, allowing more Texans to enjoy customizing their vehicle by personalizing their license plate, and to have more fun with their plate choice” he said.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has also approved the introduction of a new three-year term pricing option.  “One of the most common lease terms for a vehicle is three years (36 months) and so we wanted to offer a plate term option that could match the same period,” commented Steve Farrar.

My Plates also offers Texans multi-year price discounts when purchasing for a longer term. Instead of taking up the one-year option and renewing it each year, you may decide to purchase the five-year option and receive the discount that works out to a saving of two years on a personalized plate.

The new prices are effective December 1, 2014.

Since November 2009, Texans have purchased more than 213,000 My Plates, putting more than $27M in the general revenue fund, which helps pay for services for all Texans.