You can snag a fuel, Big Gulp, snacks of all types and even 'meals' if you'd call it that at 7-Eleven but I've stumbled upon an option that all 7-Eleven owners have the option of carrying, a Maggi Mashed Potato machine. 

I never thought the day would come when there could be a Magic Maggi Mashed Potato machine at the local 7-Eleven.  They are actually scarce in America, surprisingly, but very popular overseas.  Pictured above is a 7-Eleven from Singapore.  It's pretty simple just like instant mashed potatoes.  Place a cup under the nozzle and press a button, what happens next hardly resembles mashed potatoes but out of the nozzle comes a molten hot mixture of hot water and potato flakes.  After the cup has been filled with the 'mashed potatoes' hot brown gravy is delivered out of another nozzle directly on top.  I can't knock it too much since I haven't tried them but they just don't look that great.  I wonder what kind of crazyness will come out next.  If we ever got one of the machines in San Angelo would you try the Magic Maggi Mashed Potatoes?