For the past week you've heard me raving about the new album from Matt Stell and now it's time for a review.

Facebook- Matt Stell

Fellow Arkansan, Matt Stell, has recently released his third album to the Texas/Red Dirt music scene and it's become my new favorite album.  A River Through It is the ten track album Matt dropped last Tuesday and it's been in my CD player since I received it.  I've even been listening to it on my phone when I'm hanging around the house.  Matt's style is unique and rich in talented writing.  You've heard the first release Memphis On The River, and it's been one of the most requested songs on the afternoon drive.  Upon cruising to Fort Worth last weekend I got the chance to listen without distractions  wound up playing it through twice.

Matt and I tweeted a bit while I was listening and said they haven't chosen a new single yet but asked my opinion.  While Grass Looks Greener and A River Through It remind me of living out in Arkansas there were two other that I think would be great releases for radio.  Gameday Dress or The Best Thing are the ones I'm banking on for the next release.  Gameday Dress is just a fun upbeat song that makes me think of going to baseball games and hangin' with friends.  The Best Thing is one of those love songs about a guy and girl knowing they'd break each others heart.  Every track on this album is solid and I highly recommend grabbing a copy.  Hey Matt, get back out here and play a gig soon!

Facebook- Matt Stell

Matt Stell - Memphis On the River

Matt Stell - Grass Looks Greener