Thursday and Friday night Midnight Rodeo is bringing you two great concerts.  Thursday night it's Kevin Fowler followed by Casey Berry on Friday.

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It's time once again for another Fowler experience.  Kevin Fowler has one of the most explosive shows in the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene and after countless years and #1 hits there's a reason why.  His current single is 'Here's To Me And You' is one of the #1 hits I mentioned.  Kevin is also bringing with him new comer group Mockingbird Sun who you may recognize from such songs as 'That Girl Tonight' and 'She's A Hard Habit To Break'.  This will be Mockingbird Sun's first time to play San Angelo and being with Fowler, it's party time.  Grab some coconut water and BC Powder for the next day.

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Kevin Fowler - Here's To Me And You

Mockingbird Sun - Hard Habit To Break

Friday night it's a whole different animal from Amarillo, TX comes Casey Berry.  You can expect this one to be just as wild as the night before.  I think Casey and the guys go everywhere with a case of tequila, they're not playing around.  Casey and Kevin are both Amarillo boys so I guess there's something in the water up there.  Come have a couple cold drinks and dance to Casey's tunes 'Whole Heart' and 'I Lie' along with all your favorites.  Both nights have $1.50 draft beer, $3 Y vodka and $4 Crown Royal so you might grab extra coconut water for this night too.

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Casey Berry - I Lie