Check out what Mike Ryan and Tommy talked about, plus check out the song that Mike played for us off the new album.

One of the most unique voices that I have heard in the scene that can reach out and grab your heart and put it in the song where it hurts the most.  We first talked with Mike when he released the song "Slow Hand" a cover tune from Conway Twitty that he made into his own style and rocked out. Now Mike is on the path to releasing his first full length album that is going to be a record for all to own. The album is called "Night Comes Falling" and the first single is "The Cold One". Check out the interview audio above to find out more about the album and hear how the songs came together plus a second tune from the album called "Should I" that I must say is a kick butt song! A big thanks to Mike Ryan for stopping by and spending some time with us!