I just recently got a new ridiculous tattoo. It's a mustache on my finger. 

Now as everybody knows me and Ben Ryan are jokers. We are always playing around, joking and laughing.  Ever since I got this ridiculous tattoo, we have constantly had fun with it. When my friends and I are hanging out and one passes out we team up.  Ben and I wait for the precise moment, sneak over and take a picture of that person wearing my tattoo. This was our first victim.

If you look closely you can see he is wearing my mustache. The best part is that until now, nobody knew about this game. Ben and myself have done this over and over. Check it out.

We call it Mission Mustache. If we catch you sleeping, you will be yet another victim of our epic game. The picture above was one of the most challenging. Taylor is a very light sleeper.

This is Clete, he is Ben's roommate. He was a very easy target. This game is fun because you have to be super sneaky, quick, and right on point. It really is more challenging than it looks.

We had so much fun with Mission Mustache, we got our friend Austin twice. The moral of this blog is to warn all our friends that you are next. Ben and I will get every last one of our friends. Mission Mustache is in full force.

I challenge our listeners to send me pictures of this nature. Whatever it is that you and your friends do let us know. If we like your game or picture you will win a prize pack! Post below or on our Facebook Page.