Over the weekend, I broke my toe and my foot. Read on to see how clumsy I can be.

This past weekend I went road trippin' to Missouri. Me and 15 of my closest friends loaded up and took a 13 hour drive to play in a benefit softball tournament for a young boy named Judd Forbus. We had a blast this weekend! We played ball, drank beer, and raised money for this child. Unfortunately, we didn't win the tournament but we had so much fun....until I thought I broke my right pinky toe.  I got pretty beat up in the process. I have scratches down my arms and legs and at the time I thought I had a broke toe. I was out of state and figured it was only a toe, not much you can do, so I just kept taking ibuprofen and keeping my foot up. Well, Monday morning I went to the doctor, only to find out I broke my toe and my foot. I walked around on a broke foot for almost 48 hours. It's pretty painful now, but I trooped it out.


Now I have to wear this awful boot.

So next time you see me, please don't make fun of me and my awesome new shoe. By the way, if you ask me how this happen, you will probably not get the real story. Just saying, I have came up with a few stories plus the original (which is unbelievable) so you will never know if it's the real story of fake story. :) I love keeping people on their toes.


I didn't know if I wanted to post this disgusting picture of my foot of not, but then I thought why not? So here is what my foot looked like when I woke up the next morning....

Just so you know, my toes usually touch. That's how bad I broke my foot and knocked my pinky toe out of place.

Moral of the story, never break your foot or toe...it hurts!