As you know, I am working towards losing weight and getting into shape. The first week was fine, but I did run into a few speed bumps! Read on for more details on my accomplishments and fails!

After one full week of watching what I was eating and working out daily, I still have no changes in my weight. I realize this could take a couple weeks before I start losing weight, but I want results right now! I have read articles that say it takes two weeks before your body can adjust to your new lifestyle  so I'm waiting patiently.  This last weekend I went home to see my mother for her birthday; we had a blast, but ate all the worst foods. On the way there, I had a burger, this was slip up number one. Next I got to Huntsville and ate breakfast burritos, crawfish, chocolate cake, and so much more.  Needless to say I have to hit the gym hard this week. I found this YouTube video that is a fifteen minute workout that can help you lose weight fast! Make sure you check it out!

I hope this helps. I don't always have time to hit the gym or run but I know at some point in my day I will have a spare fifteen minutes!