New Years Eve was Monday night and we had a big time in the Concho Valley celebrating and what not.  I actually got into sort of a pickle the first hour of 2013.

Ben Ryan

We rang in the New Years in a true San Angelo fashion, at Blaine's Pub.  There were many parties and clubs, bars and pubs throwing NYE bashes and we decided to kick it off at Blaine's Pub with Sammy Fox live in concert.  It seemed like a typical New Years Eve with champagne, masks, party horns and so on.  Sammy put on a great show and it was nice to finally meet the guy I've heard so much about.  He was energetic, intereactive, fun and crazy.  We rang in the new year at midnight with champagne and loud cheers then debated, do we bar hop or head back tot he house we were staying and hang out there.  We decided to visit a friend of ours that worked at Joe's Brewhouse so we began our venture by grabbing our sober driver and heading that way.  When we arrived at Joe's our friend informed us they were closing for the night.  A couple of us needed to use the restroom and the ones at Joe's are 1 person restrooms.  I waited for the person before me to get done and was litereally in there for 3 minutes.  I walked out an the place was empty and quiet.  I walked towards the door and the door was locked.  You had to have a key to unlock it.  I began to call my so called friends with little success.  During the process of trying to get out of there on contemplated on grabbing a beer since after all THEY locked ME in, I was thirsty too.  The best part was there were people standing in front smoking cigars looking at me baffled as to why and how I was still inside Joe's.  After about 10 minutes our friend that worked there came and let me out laughing as he was unlocking the door.  We laughed about it all day the next day.  After being let out of Joe's we walked over to The Office where