Well, my weight loss journey is not going well. I'm pretty sure I have gained weight since working out and trying to eat healthy. I made a list of my enemies, and the reason my weight loss isn't going well.

When I went home this last weekend, the first thing my mother said to me was "are you gaining weight?" With a slow response I said "I hope not, but apparently." This made me realize obviously something I'm doing is not working. So I made a list of stuff that is horrible for the person trying to work out and not GAIN weight.

1) Beer. I love beer, but it's basically liquid calories.
2) Liquor. Same as above.
3) Cookies, Donuts, and food always around the office. Even though its a light snack, I just need to put it down.
4) Sushi. I know you're thinking, it's only rice. FALSE. It's pretty bad for you, but I love it so much.
5) My roommates cooking. I'm not sure why all the sudden she wants to cook breads, and home made pastas but she is. I cannot turn down her hard work slaving over a stove. .... haha yes I can, I just choose not to.

Now as you can see, I know my unhealthy decisions, and it's time for me to just say no! I'll keep you updated on all this healthy living stuff. After what my mother said to me, I'm for real real not play play going to get serious about all this weight loss business.