Tonight was the third episode of the new show on MTV called Catfish. Here's what my opinion is over this new show, if you haven't seen the show beware this blog has spoilers!


This show is a spinoff from this documentary made by the creator and main person on the show Nev Schulman. The documentary was about how Ned fell in love with a girl online and then they decided to meet in person and come to find out the girl who he thought he was in love with was actually fake and it was actually a girl using another girl's picture. Long story short, Nev and his brother filmed his entire journey through meeting this fake girl of his dreams. I haven't seen the documentary, but I hope that it is better than the MTV version of it.

The show shows Nev wanting to help real people out in the world who are in the same boat as he was. There has been three episodes since the beginning of this show, and honestly I'm definitely NOT impressed. The first episode was about a girl who was in love with a guy "model" who lived in Los Angeles and was too busy to Skype but could text and talk on the phone as much as possible. As the first episode progresses with the always usual dramatic music and scenes, I still was just completely annoyed with how this girl was SO naive and immature about this online relationship she was having. In the end they met with the help of Ned, and the kicker was that this "model" she was in love with was actually an 18 year old girl. My mouth dropped when I saw the ending. After the drama of the girl that was fooled threatening to ruin the fake model/18 year old girl, in the end they decided that they were going to be friends.

I didn't get to see the second episode, but the third episode of Catfish was tonight and wasn't much better. The girl that was in love with this online guy had only seen about four pictures of him and they had never skyped before. The irony of the episode was that even though they had been in love for almost TEN years, she was currently in a relationship with another guy. Viewers did find out some very depressing news about her ex that committed suicide and her online love being there for her. At the end of the episode they met and the online love was in fact a very obese guy who was the real person but he was very self conscious and didn't know if she would accept him but loved her very much. She ending up putting him in the friend zone and now they are the "best of friends" and they talk every day. Another episode, and not impressed again.

What I got of the show was that it is supposed to be people finding out if the online loves of their lives are real or not....or if they are even going to pursue a relationship. But, considering the first two episodes that I've seen of this show have literally just left me appalled and annoyed because the drama that it entails along with the twists it always seems to find, I'm definitely not a fan. If you like the drama of MTV reality shows, Catfish is the show for you. But for this girl, I will probably not watch another episode of this show.