You can't deny that there is something about a frank laid in a bun with chili piled on top says summer time .

So since it is National Chili Dog Day I am curious to find out where you like to get your chili dogs from? Do you make them at home? If so what is your recipe?

My favorite place to get a chili dog is from my home kitchen and I will let you in on the secret of how I make my chili dogs.

1. Secret Family Recipe Chili-(If I were to give this out I would be locked away in the closet never to see light again) SO pick your favorite chili and get it good and warmed up.

2. Buns- You must put some thought into this because you don't want to get the wimpy buns that fall apart. I like to use the Mrs Baird's hot dog buns.

3. Pick your frank- I am a fan of the all beef franks I am not a fan of the regular run of the mill hot dogs.  You can grill them for the best results but if you can not grill due to local regulations then cook them in the frying pan. The worst thing you can do is boil them YUCK!

So here is how you go about  building the ultimate chili dog:

1.Warm the bun to a nice even temperature not too hot though.

2. Place a nice even bed of chili inside the bun.

3. Top with shredded cheese or melted cheese.

4. Place all beef frank on top of bed of chili and cheese.

5. Add condiments such as mustard, mayo, ketchup or onions  now.

6. Fill the bun with chili again so that it begins to run down the sides.

7. Add shredded cheese to taste.

Share your recipes below we would love to see your ultimate chili dog!