Today, May 11th, is National Eat What You Want Day! Since I have been dieting I have been looking for any excuse to eat unhealthy!

This whole eating healthy and dieting thing is not my cup of tea.  So naturally I have been looking for any way out! When I found out today is National Eat What You Want Day I jumped on it. I realize I am only cheating myself, but I am going to capitalize on this day! For lunch, I had a delicious peperoni pizza from Schlotsky's!   I don't even want to know the amount of calories I ingested in one sitting. For dinner, I'm thinking sushi or Chinese food, possibly even Mexican food.  All I'm saying is that even if you're on a diet you should defiantly take part in this national holiday! I will be back on track tomorrow, and yes, I will hit the gym extra hard to make up for that delicious pizza!