Open up your arms and squeeze tight it’s national hug week!Well we have officially arrived to it once again and if you haven't had the experience of a hug or two go ahead and get one, see if it puts you in a better mood. Now you should know there are several different types of hugs you can experience so you should have a full description of a few before you go out and take advantage of this epic holiday week.


1. Motherly hug- This is generally the first type of hug everyone experiences, the one that says you are loved and I will forever love  you no matter what. Its usually a full frontal hug that uses both arms and doesn't last long.

2. Friend Hug- This is a general expression of “Hey, how ya' doing?" to a friend that you haven't seen in awhile.  These are a single arm side hug and last no longer than 2 or 3 seconds any more than that becomes awkward and give a sense that you might be asking to be more than friends.

3. The Bro Hug- This type of hug usually takes place between two really good friends usually of the male gender. This hug starts as a hand shake with a firm grip and then both parties involved lean in and hug with the free arm. The hand on your hugging arm is usually in a fist or flat and both parties will sanctimoniously pat each other on the back in a firm manner once or twice.

So with the this knowledge go out and get hugged my friend. Happy National Hug Week!