Harvey Nichols is a British retail store that sells only the best in fashion and beauty products. As it turns out, the sale prices on such fine goods can be so utterly astonishing that customers soil themselves at the mere suggestion of the sale.

Their tagline: ‘The Harvey Nichols Sale… Try To Contain Your Excitement.’ One of the sales flyer images includes a guy in a nice suit.

Well, this is a teachable moment, because no dude – ever – would wet himself over a sale of fashion and beauty items.

You want guys to wet themselves, Harvey?  Then put a chainsaw on sale. Or ammo… or a 100 cu. ft. gas grill. But a slim-fitting suit or a pocket-square? Nope. Not gonna happen.

Of course, the ads, which were distributed through print flyers, are a cheeky reference to how exciting the Harvey Nichols sale is for many women in the UK. Naturally, overly appropriate British folk immediately took offense to the suggestion that a sale would make you pee your pants or that women were shop-a-holics. They posted responses like these on Twitter:

‘Really, Harvey Nicks? Really? They’re certainly pushing the boundaries.’

‘Anyone in advertising? Even if not – take a look at the WORST advertising I’ve ever seen & it’s for @Harvey-Nichols’

The Nichols response was patently predictable:

‘It was intended in a playful, inoffensive manner,  in keeping with the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which we intended our campaign to be taken’

Right. In the meantime, Harv, get on those Burberry screw guns. Father’s Day is just around the corner.