Sunny Sweeney isn't the only gal out there trying to break up the country music scene's sausage party. Courtney Patton is out there working on breaking up the party on the Texas/Red Dirt scene. June 9th marks the release of Patton's third album, So This Is Life

Courtney isn't just a pretty face. She's an accomplished singer/songwriter who's been on the scene for a number of year, and has worked incredibly hard to get her name and talents out there. KAF from TX sums up Courtney's new album perfectly,

This just might be my favorite of Courtney's album releases! She has an incredible, sweet, southern, soulful voice that is undeniably one of the purest sounds I have ever heard!

Courtney Patton will be in San Angelo Thursday, June 11th, at Blaine's pub. Make sure you swing by because i'm sure you'll be hearing some awesome songs off of this new album. And, you can pick yourself up a copy, and she might even sign it!