Working Women's Wednesday is a blast every week. We play games, eat free food, and enjoy delicious refreshing beverages. This week we have a special guest!

Now ladies, if you're not at Blaine's Pub every Wednesday, I'm not sure where else you would be. We give away a lot of cold, hard cash and door prizes! Door prizes can range anywhere from t-shirts, win it before you can buy it CD's, key chains, and a lot of other prizes that are generously given to us from Blaine's Pub. The cash and prizes are strictly for the ladies, but the men can tag along and enjoy free food.

Every Wednesday we have local restaurants like Asian Buffet, Lowake Steak House, Carino's, and others cater our event.  This week, we have a very special guest playing, Drew Kennedy! He is well known around the San Angelo area as well as Blaine's Pub. This week, we are going to play brand new games, and have different contest never before played. Please come out and enjoy cheap drinks, great live music, free food, and winnings for the ladies. I mean seriously, where else would you party in town on a Wednesday from 6- 8 p.m.?


Make sure you check out our WEBSITE for more details on Working Women's Wednesday.


Also, since you're already here, check out this video. It's a hit from Drew Kennedy.