Last week we didn't have any new music added to the playlist but this week we have made a few changes.  Check out the new songs, two debut singles and one returning artist.

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This week we have three new songs for your listening pleasure.  First off, there are two newcomers to our playlist but are not new to the Texas/Red Dirt music scene.  Anson Carter was actually on air with me yesterday and we had a nice little visit.  His new song, All About The Music, is a great tune talking about doing it all for the music and not the money.  Zac Wilkerson is also one of our new fellows but actually played on the Allsup's acoustic stage at Larry Joe Taylor Music Fest last year and rocked it.  This brand new song, Hold On, is a beautiful duet with Courtney Wilkerson that will leave you wanting more, you'll love it.  Last but now least is The Departed with another release from their Adventus album titled Prayer For The Lonely.  This one is a funky song with that distinct Departed sound and Seth James taking the vocals.  Take a listen to these gems below and enjoy!

Facebook- Anson Carter

Anson Carter - All About The Music

Facebook- Zac Wilkerson

Zac Wilkerson - Hold On

Facebook- The Departed

The Departed - Prayer For The Lonely