If you were at Midnight Rodeo last time Kyle Park rolled through town, then you heard the live version of this song. Now we have the music video with it. Honestly, we love the guitar solo, and the kind of blue-sy feel to it all.

This is definitely a love story gone wrong type of song: “You’ll call it love and deny the truth / You won’t even realize you’re being used / ‘Til it’s too late / What goes around comes around, babe.” Even though the video is more on the humorous side, the lyrics are certainly something we've all thought while going through a breakup.

The new song is going to be the lead single from Park’s upcoming fifth album. “The new album will be 12 songs, and it’s called The Blue Roof Sessions,” he tells Digital Journal. “It should be coming out in September, I think — late summer, early fall. That’s the idea.”