This week we've got three gems for you to check out.  If you haven't heard the new Kylie Rae Harris, Six Market Blvd or John David Kent take a listen below.

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Let's kick this on off with the beautiful and talented Kylie Rae Harris with her new tune Slide Over.  This is the first song she's pushed to us and it's had a great reaction so far.  This gal can play and she's got some pipes on her, you're going to love it.

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Kylie Rae Harris - Slide Over

Next up it's the boys from The Ville, Six Market Blvd, with Mailbox.  This is actually one of the songs that stood out to me on the album and I'm happy they released it.  It's rockin' yet country at the same time.  Clayton has a great and unique voice, combined with a the talent of the band.  Wow, it's good.  Enjoy!

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Six Market Blvd - Mailbox

Last but certainly not least it's John David Kent with Until We Turn Around.  First off, JDK is just a cool guy and his band is called The Dumb Angels.  Secondly he's got a great voice and knows how to write a great song.  Check it out and I'm hoping for a music video out of this one soon.

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John David Kent - Until We Turn Around