Last week's New Music Showdown was a great success.  Curtis Grimes ended up taking the victory over Rich O'Toole.  This week we have two fairly new artists, let us take a gander at the competition this week.

Last week there was some pretty stiff competition between Rich O'Toole and Curtis Grimes.  Both tunes were great but there can be only one winner and that winner was Curtis Grimes.  This week we've got two new and very talented artists, Charlie Shafter and the Green River Ordinance.  Charlie's tune 'Dear Diana' comes from the new self titled available now.  Green River Ordinance's song, 'The Weight' is actually an old tune by The Band.  They recorded their version and put it on the Green River Ordinance album titled 'Songs We Like From Before We Were Born' which is available now.  Both are a little more Americana/Folky and sound great.  Which one do you like best?


Charlie Shafter - Dear Diana



Green River Ordinance - The Weight