After taking a couple of weeks off the New Music Showdown it's back with a holiday twist.  Casey Donahew and Cody Johnson have collaborated a Christmas song which will be going against JB and The Moonshine Band's Christmas tune.

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We began to receive Christmas music as early as October and with the passing of the Thanksgiving holiday comes even more Christmas music.  I figured why not have a holiday New Music Showdown.  Cody Johnson and Casey Donahew teamed up to bring us a unique Christmas song titled 'When Santa Rides Through Texas'.  This a tune talking about the lack of snow and abundance of red dirt in the Lone Star State.  There's no red suit for Saint Nick however he does pick up a case of Lone Star Beer.  Going head to head with Casey and Cody this week are the boys from JB & The Moonshine Band with their twist on the classic Christmas song, 'Christmas Ain't Christmas'.  The guys do a great job on the song which will make for some stiff competition.  Take a listen, cast your vote and tell your friends.

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Cody Johnson & Casey Donahew - When Santa Rides Through Texas

JB & The Moonshine Band - Christmas Ain't Christmas