This week on the New Music Showdown we have a group of returning champs going against a very reputable artist.  Green River Ordinance goes head to head with Drew Womack.

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You may remember casting a vote for the Green River Ordinance many moons ago and their version of the song The Weight and they are back for more.  The new song, It Ain't Love, is a more upbeat song with a great mixture of Americana and country.  It's a great song and has that unique GRO sound.  I dig it, you will too.  Take a listen and cast your vote now.

Drew Womack is no newcomer to music scene and has a very long resume.  Drew's been doing music since 1989 and if you can name'em he's probably written or performed with them.  He actually sang with the Rankin Twins on Holdin' Pattern which did fairly well on the charts.  Drew sent me The Way Love Rolls which is sort of reminiscent of that first love and growing up.  You can't get much better than the songwriting and vocals of Drew Womack.

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Green River Ordinance - This Ain't Love

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Drew Womack - The Way Love Rolls