We are getting a late start this week but I blame the three day weekend however it is time for the New Music Showdown.  This week we have two artists pushing their first radio singles, Parker Heights and Rehme Sutton.

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Rehme Sutton is a newcomer from Wyoming that now resides in Stephenville and has gotten in good with the music scene out there.  You've heard her song What Comes Around Goes Around on Kickin' Country and wow, strong vocals.  Members of Dolly Shine and Six Market Blvd has been singing her praises and it's great to finally hear the music.  I'm diggin' the song and hope you do too.  Take a listen and cast your vote.

In the other corner from the Bryan/College Station area it's Parker Heights.  Parker Heights is a new type of group the the Texas/Red Dirt scene with both male and female lead vocals.  Four of the five members are actually siblings which must make for an interesting tour.  I've actually seen them live once in College Station when Adam Drake and I went to the Hogs Vs Aggies game.  I needed a beer after that game so Adam took me to see them.  They put on a good show so take a listen to With You Tonight and cast your vote now.  Enjoy!

Facebook- Rehme Sutton

Rehme Sutton - What Goes Around Comes Around

Facebook- Parker Heights

Parker Heights - With You Tonight