It's time yet again for another episode of the New Music Showdown.  This is where we put two Texas/Red Dirt artists new songs and put them head to head.  This week it's Zane Williams and Granger Smith duking it out.

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This week the Showdown bring you two phenomenal artists, Zane Williams and Granger Smith.  Singer/Songwriter Zane Williams has a couple of tune that may sound familiar such as '99 Bottles' and 'Ride With Me' which was covered by Cody Johnson.  This week I have his current single 'Sure Felt Like Goodbye' which is a new sound for Zane in my opinion but that's not a bad thing.  I dig it, you will too.  In the other corner it's Granger Smith with his newest single 'We Do It In A Field'.  This'll be a favorite in the Concho Valley.  It's a song about what there is to do growing up in a small town.  I see a music video coming with this one.  I also see Earl Dibbles Jr. taking the title out of context.  I dig this one too so I am at a crossroads.  Cast your vote below on who the next New Music Showdown winner shall be.

Facebook- Zane Williams

Zane Williams - Sure Felt Like Goodbye


Facebook- Granger Smith

Granger Smith - We Do It In A Field