This week we have two true songwriters and troubadours going head to head for the New Music Showdown.  Some friendly competition between the two amigos, Josh Grider and Zane Williams enter this week.

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Not only are they friends and toured together, they are also Concho Valley favorites.  Josh Grider and Zane Williams have both been making names for themselves recently.  New singles from both of the guys makes for a little friendly competition on this week's New Music Showdown.  Let's start off with Mr. Josh Grider and his new single, Summer and Sixteen from The Gettin' There ep.  It's a fun summertime tune about being in love as a teenager in the summer.  Parties, girls and gettin' the keys to your first set of wheels.  Makes me miss high school a little.  Whether you're 16 or 36 this song will bring back some memories.  Take a listen and let me know what your think.  In the other corner we have Zane Williams with his new tune, Overnight Success.  This one is about starting a music band and trying to 'make it big' in a comical stance.  Having watched numerous bands start from the ground up, this song is pretty much a true story.  It's a great song that I'm sure you'll love.  Take a listen to both of'em and cast your vote now!

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Zane Williams - Overnight Success

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Josh Grider - Summer and Sixteen