This week we've added two new songs to the playlist that are actually very different from each other.  Welcome new music from Brandon Jenkins and Clayton Gardner.

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Well first off we have the new song from Clayton Gardner, Something About You.  Clayton no only hand deliver this one but also Kickin' was the first station to play the song.  Something About You is a great tune that I know you'll love.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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Clayton Gardner - Something About You

Next up it's the Red Dirt Legend, Brandon Jenkins.  Brandon brings us a new type of song called Tattoo Tears.  This one is really growing on me and there's nothing like it out there.  Brandon has been rockin' the red dirt since the early 90's writing songs covered by many and performing songs loved by all.  All in all, it's legit.  Take a listen and enjoy!

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Brandon Jenkins - Tattoo Tears