This week we've voted in three new songs that I'm sure you're going to love.  Take a gander at the new ones from Taylor Hodak, Joey Green and Mark McKinney.

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This week we had room to add three great new tunes to the playlist for you and I know you'll love them.  Take a listen and let me know what you think, enjoy!  Let's start off with Taylor Hodak and his new tune Good Man.  This is just a great song, between the musicianship and the writing it's very solid.  It's more country than the previous releases from Taylor, you'll love it.

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Taylor Hodak - Good Man

Next up it's Mr. Joey Green and the Joey Green Band with their new one So Sorry.  So Sorry is the second release from the Lo5 album.  While a bit slower it's a great heartfelt song that is sure to be a favorite.  Every time Joey puts pen to paper the outcome is superb, this one is no different.  Take a listen and enjoy.

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Joey Green Band - So Sorry

Last but not least we have the President of the United States of Texas, Mark McKinney.  Mark sent us the second release from the upcoming album and is actually in the New Music Showdown this week with Stolen Cash.  This tune just makes me want to be at the beach with good friend, cold beer and beautiful women.  Great music from a Concho Valley favorite.  I dig it.

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Mark McKinney - Stolen Cash