There are three great additions to the Kickin' Playlist this week that are too legit to quit as some would say.  Take a gander at the new Kyle Park, Chris Brazeal Band and Reckless Kelly.

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Let's kick this one off with Kyle Park and his revisited song, Fit For A King.  Once just a hidden acoustic track it is now full band and the latest release from the Kyle Park camp.  It includes lyrics from over 30 King George songs and the music video is pretty snazzy too.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Kyle Park - Fit For A King

Next up to bat, Chris Brazeal Band with their new tune Sounds Like Home.  I really dig this song because you it was written about Chris' hometown and you can tell it means something to him and the band.  While we are from to completely different towns I can still relate to the song.  I know you'll love it so take a listen and enjoy!

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Chris Brazeal Band - Sounds Like Home

Last but certainly not least it's Reckless Kelly with their new jam, The Last Goodbye.  This one comes to us from their upcoming album, Long Night Moon, set to release September 3rd.  This is the 8th album from the musical geniuses and guaranteed not to be the last.  They're going to release this one on vinyl as well, I'll have to snag a copy.  Take a listen and shoot your feedback over to me.  Enjoy!

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Reckless Kelly - The Last Goodbye