This week we've got two newcomers to the playlist and one veteran returning.  Take a listen to the new music from Cody Johnson, Aaron Einhouse and Jimmy Jones.

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Let's kick it off with Mr. Cody Johnson and his latest release, Ride With Me.  Ride With Me was actually written by Zane Williams and was the title track of one of his albums.  I love this song.  I give Cody mad props, nobody could've done Zane better justice on this song.  Take a listen and shoot me some feedback.

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Cody Johnson - Ride With Me

Next we have Aaron Einhouse with The Worst I Can Do from the album Hello Road.  Aaron is a regular at Blaine's Pub and draws a pretty good crowd when he's in town.  He's got a very upbeat, in your face sound that makes you just want to get up an move around.  I know you'll dig this one so take a listen and enjoy.

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Aaron Einhouse - The Worst I Can Do

Last and certainly not least we have Jimmy Jones and his new one, Dearly Beloved.  Jimmy was in studio with me on Monday and then we went to grab some food and beers at The Penny Pub.  A few friends showed up and convinced Jimmy to hop on stage and he did, he rocked it.  Not only does he have some great music but he also has a pretty snazzy beard.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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Jimmy Jones Band - Dearly Beloved