You'll start hearing some new tunes this week from some reputable names.  This week we've voted in William Clark Green, Mike Ryan and Granger Smith.

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William Clark Green is not only playing Midnight Rodeo next Friday but also Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival next Saturday.  Then the following Tuesday April 30th he releases the new album, Rose Queen.  This is a great album which includes not only It's About Time but the latest single, She Likes The Beatles.  Great album and great singles.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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William Clark Green - She Likes The Beatles

Next up it's Mike Ryan with his new one, 57 Songs.  Last week was a big one for Mike, he won the New Music Showdown and played Blaine's Pub.  Mike will also be playing Saturday at Larry Joe Taylor.  That's a good week if you ask me.  57 Songs is the second radio release from the album Night Comes Falling.  In my opinion it's a great follow up song to The Cold One.  Take a gander at it and shoot me some feedback.

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Mike Ryan - 57 Songs

Last but certainly not least is Granger Smith with his new song Silverado Bench Seat.  This is the second radio single from the album that he released yesterday, Dirt Road Driveway.  I highly recommend picking up the album because it also has We Do It In A Field and new Earl Dibbles Jr. music along with many other hits.  Take a listen and enjoy.  Oh yea, congrats Granger for being #1 on iTunes yesterday!

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Granger Smith - Silverado Bench Seat