We've picked the new music a day early this week and I'm sure you'll love these new tunes!  Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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This week's new music comes from Curtis Grimes and Earl Dibbles Jr., two Concho Valley favorites.  First off Mr. Curtis Grimes brings us his new one, Home To Me.  It's a fun upbeat song about his trip to the Voice and how he'd rather be playing places in Texas.  Drinkin' cheap beer and chewing cheap chew.  Lovin' the simple life of Texas venues, fishin' and being true to where you are from.

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Curtis Grimes - Home To Me

Our other new tune comes from the eccentric Earl Dibbles Jr. titled, Country Boy Love.  We all know Earl from his YouTube videos and the hit single The Country Boy Song but he's returned with a love song now.  It's so romantic.  Earl really is a genuine guy to the ladies.  He's willing to share his dip, scratch her chiggers and take her hunting.  Take a listen and enjoy!

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Earl Dibbles Jr. - Country Boy Love