Each week there is a process that decides what songs we add and drop from the play list.  Here is an insight on how it all works and you can listen to the new songs we've added this week.

Facebook- (5)

How the new music is selected for the play list is a simple yet complicated process.  While there are only two steps it take two days to decide the final outcome.  Every Tuesday I take music calls for two hours straight.  During the music call I take phone calls from radio/music promoters, record labels and musicians and their main objective is to convince us to play their music.  Other objectives they have are to set up interviews, giveaways and other things of that nature.  Step two occurs on Wednesday with our weekly music meetings.  The first part of this meeting is discussing what songs are getting old or if they are about to be overplayed.  From there we put it in a different category that will play it less often.  Finally the fun part comes along, listening to all the new music and deciding what sounds good and what we think you will like.  All of that being said, we've added five new songs this week for your listening pleasure.  Below you can take a listen to the new song and links are supplied for the artists website and iTunes.  Enjoy!


Facebook- Rankin Twins

The Rankin Twins - Holdin' Pattern

Facebook- Rich O'Toole

Rich O'Toole - Messin Around

Facebook- Cody Johnson Band

Cody Johnson - I Don't Care About You

Facebook- Stewart Mann & the Statesboro Revue

Statesboro Revue - Fade My Shade Of Black

Facebook- Matt Kimbrow

Matt Kimbrow - If It All Goes Right