Wade Bowen's new self titled album will be out on Tuesday.  Wade has lined up some special guests on the album like Randy Rogers, Sean McConnell, Cody Canada, Will Hoge, Sarah Buxton and Vince Gill.  Below is a song-by-song breakdown from Wade himself...


Song By Song by Wade Bowen
Welcome Mat
This was an idea that just kinda came out of nowhere. I was sitting at my place in Nashville trying to come up with some new songs for the album and this quirky little melody just popped up. It’s funny to me how sometimes songs just do that. Not a typical melody I would write but it intrigued me enough to see it through. I’m glad I did!
When I Woke Up Today – The single
I wrote this a few years ago with Rodney Clawson, whom I think is very clever at mixing what some would call commercial with my Texas instincts. As you can tell by the first verse, this idea literally came out of a hangover I had. I just started analyzing the road and my passion to put up with so much to “make a dream fly!” I’m still here over 15 years later. It’s like I tell people, the road has tried to get rid of me but I’m still here.
Another one of those melodies that I don’t normally write. Probably what I love most about this album is the search I went on to go out of my norm and write some songs that were out of my comfort zone. Funny how you’re influences pop up without really trying but this one has so much of John Mayer’s Continuum in it, which is one of my favorite albums. All by chance…
Honky Tonk Road
I first heard this song from Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros. Fell in love with it. Walt has always been one of my favorites anyway. They took this Ray Stephenson song and made it their own and from the first time I heard it I imagined how fun it would be
to get some buddies together to sing it with me.  Remember back in the days when multiple artists recorded a good song, over and over? Well…..
I’m Gonna Go
I think this song sums up my life for the past 5 years or so. Musically, it has been an adventure to say the least, searching for so many answers and finally realizing that through it all, if we just don’t give up then we win. So I’m gonna go…
West Texas Rain
I was born and raised in Central Texas but spent by college years in West Texas, where I started playing music and figuring life out. I’ve always felt that as a writer, sometimes the best thing to do is just be as honest as you can and everything seems to work itself out. This song is a story of life and love and learning and anyone who knows West Texas as all knows, if ya don’t like the weather, stick around cause it’ll change before ya know it. Live your life. We are only here for a little while. Oh, and did I mention Vince Gill sings with me on it also!!!! Dream come true!
When It’s Reckless
Ever since I heard Will Hoge for the first time, I always wondered what a co-write between us would sound like. Finally, here it is. We all know those people that love to fight and make up and fight and make up. Passion is rarely boring. The characters in this song like for things to be a little messed up. Crazy but it works. Oh and Will kills the background vocals as well.
Watch Her Drive
I hope every man in his life gets to experience a woman with reckless abandon like the character in this song. She has little worries other than now and there is something very refreshing about that. Get in, buckle up and hold on. It’s gonna be a blast if nothing else.
Long Enough To Be A Memory
Yes I said doughnut shop. It’s true. The Jack and Jill Doughnut shop on New Road in Waco, TX was next to where my mom worked when I was a kid. I’d always walk over and get some doughnut holes. The ladies loved a 5 yr old hangin out with em every morning. I always want to leave a lasting impression on people, whether in meeting them or being on stage.  We always take something with us no matter where we grew up or no matter where we live. I love how this song relates that to my dream of playing music in a different town every night. I hope they remember us the next morning
Sweet Leona
This was inspired by a visit to the Linne Calodo Winery in Paso Robles, CA. The owner gave us an unbelievable tour of his place and then took us back to his private stash.  In 2004, he made a dessert wine called “Sweet Leona”, in honor of a sort of mother figure in his life where he had worked and learned as a young man. The way he spoke of the wine and this lady inspired me like none other…so much passion and hard work to make great wine. My family always talked of my great-grandparents, Mommy and Poppy that were the singers/musicians of our family long ago. I played this song for my mother. She then said, “I don’t know if you ever knew this or not, but Mommy’s name was Leona.” Hard to sum up how special this song is to me but there’s 2 very good reasons how and why this song came into my life. Someone’s looking out for me I guess…
Sun Shines On a Dreamer
My good friend Jedd Hughes wrote this song a long time ago. I’ve had this in my stash for years waiting for the right record/moment to actually cut it. Well, now’s the time. I love the feeling this song has always given me when I listen to it. Hopefully this shows a new side of “Wade” that most people have yet to see…the truly happy side. Chase after your dreams! I can’t wait to play this one live.
My California
I’ve been touring the West Coast for a couple of years now pretty hard. I really love the way it makes me feel when I’m out there. Funny I’ve written a bunch of songs for or about my wife Shelby. And she has always talked about her home state of California and how amazing it is. I realized after visiting there that I thought I knew her but really didn’t. Being in California makes me smile. Makes me feel good. So she’s My California