We've been seeing a surge in music videos from the artist in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene here recently.  JB and The Moonshine Band has released a video for the latest single 'No Better Than This.'

JB and The Moonshine Band have been known to make some light hearted videos that show a good time but their new video for 'No Better Than This' is more serious and depicts a young couple just going out and having a good time at the lake.  Yes it's still a good time video, just different from the others.  There's a good looking gal, a boat, fishing and bacon.  What else do you need?  Okay seriously it's a great video and song.  This video suites them fairly well as the guys are very avid fishermen.  They always have the poles with them and I remember the first couple of times the guys played in Angelo they went out to Nasworthy to fish before the show.  All in all it's worth checking out.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.