Many college towns and major cities all around the state of Texas have beard clubs.  There is even a tv show dedicated to beards.  I must ask the question, why doesn't San Angelo have a beard club?

There are many ways people celebrate the tradition of beards such as beard clubs, beard competitions, beard books and much more!  IFC actually has a show called 'Whisker Wars' that follows extreme beardsmen around the different beard competitions and eventually the World Championship Competition which is often times overseas.  There is so much that goes into prepping and performing in the competitions.  Beards have been known as a sign of masculinity for years and many celebrities including artists in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene are very pro facial hair.

So what is the purpose a facial hair or bearded men's club?  I would imagine it's main conversations in the club would be to talk about world beard domination, okay, maybe not but you never know!  For the most part these beard clubs are all about anti-discrimination of beards from the public view, in the work place and in everyday life.  There are also discussions on different beard types, beard jokes and much more.  Pretty much anything having to do with facial hair.  Facial hair shouldn't be frowned upon or discriminated against, it is a right we have as men!  So what do you say?  All my fellow beardsmen, big or small, should we form a club in San Angelo to gather for camaraderie in celebration of facial hair and maybe knock a couple back?  Of course we would be involved in the community as well, helping out and giving back.

-Ben Ryan