Are you thinking we have lost our minds? Well you may be right, we want to know what has bothered you all week long every Friday so you can start your weekend off just right!First I must say thanks to everyone who participated this morning on air with our first edition of No Pants Friday. It was a great success and I would share those awesome complaints with everyone here but our computer crashed in the studio so I no longer have them.

I want to know what has been weighing on your shoulders this week, what has made you mad or what do you absolutely hate this week. So I guess I will start it off and you feel free to leave your comment below and we will share them next week on air.

My Complaint:

I absolutely hate when you go out and order a Dr. Pepper and they ask you is Pepsi OK? NO!!! If I wanted Pepsi I would have asked for it, if you don't carry Dr. Pepper just say I'm sorry we don't have that.

Its your turn now let loose and clear your mind to feel better about yourself going into the weekend!