Yes, that's right. We are halfway through the year which means in the next month you should buy your Christmas tree. Wait, what?

Over the weekend I was out doing some shopping at a few of the big box stores here in San Angelo, and as expected, you can find all kinds of summer apparel and toys because we are smack dab in the middle of that season and you would not expect any less. But, as I was strolling down the isles of one of the stores I began to notice things were beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Wait, stop, HOLD UP! Christmas items already for sale? Ye,s it’s true. We have started the madness already, and I think this is why I get so fed up with the holidays. I feel like more times than not the commercial profiteers drive consumer goods out way before the intended holiday and burn lots of folks out on those holidays before they even get here. Let’s get real if you are buying your Christmas tree in June you are going to have to store it anyway and it’s gonna get just as dusty as if it were sitting on their shelf until Christmas.  I mean, face it, we have at least 3 major holidays before December gets here and you want me to buy my Christmas tree now?

What has happened in our society? Do you think its a good idea to start selling Christmas items this early in the year or does this annoy you as much as it did me?

Leave a comment below and we will talk about it Wednesday morning!