Everybody has good days and bad days but what about those days that are just okay?  I had one of those today.  There were some up and major downs to it.

Today started off as just an ordinary day.  Wake up, get ready for work, go to work and start on making some commercials.  Eventually it was time to go on air so I hopped on air and started the show. By the way we are still giving away Kyle Park tickets for Friday at Midnight Rodeo.  Jason Cassidy, one of our good friends at Kickin' Country, was set to come in at 5:00 but surprised us about 3:00.  It was great to see Jason and I got to meet his son.  His new radio single is called 'Ride Of Your Life' and said he'd been taking all the radio staff on his radio tour to ride go-karts.  I still had two more hours on air and a meeting so I couldn't exactly just go ride go-karts.  Talk about a bummer.


After Jason left Candise, Tommy and myself had out weekly music meeting to decide what new music we should add this week.  I'll let you know the new Taylor Hodak Band single 'Someday' made the cut today.  After the meeting I opened my desk drawer and found the 4 Schlitterbahn tickets I thought I'd lost so that was nice.  The rest of the day was typical until I got off work and headed home.  My genius self decided I should hit the KOA and go for a jog.  Bad idea, I realized I was melting away and checked the temperture on my phone, it was still 97 degrees out.  I was already there so I couldn't turn back.

I got home from the KOA and my neighbor, who we call grandma, was having air conditioning problems so I walked over to help.  Grandma really doesn't have anyone to help her out so why not help her out, it's too dang hot for her air conditioning to be out.  While putting her air conditioning unit back together my finger slid between two pieces of metal and split my fingernail.  Talk about unpleasant.  After that was done I went to take a shower and received a phone call from my mother letting me know two of my cousins were in the hospital having breathing and lung issues.  They are sisters and the older one went yesterday then today the younger one was taken.  Tests are being run and we will soon know what is going on.  Talk about an up and down roller coaster day.  Chick-Fil-A sure sounded good tonight so I decided to grab that.  That trip was uneventful thankfully.  How was your day?