People of Promise is a patriotic presentation about the Christian roots of the United States of America.  The presentation will be held at Glen Meadows Baptist Church this Sunday evening at 6:30.
This dramatic production tells the story of the birth of America, from Columbus to the Constitution. It is a call to prayer.

People of Promise is produced by Kirk and Patti Lytle, two professional actors who also tap into the Glen Meadows church body in order to round out the cast.  Kirk and Patti are professional writers, producers, and performers for more than 30 years.  They’ve been featured scriptwriters for Alexandria House, and their endeavors in historical drama have led to their designation as Staley scholars.

They are presently touring in works which they have written: A People of Promise, a night to remember, The Colony of Covenant, Daughter of Destiny, and Together Again…for the very first time.

For more information on People of Promise contact Glen Meadows Baptist Church at 325-942-6601.