Say hello to Mr. Waffles. OK. His name is just Waffles, but look at that face! He's so sweet and dignified, we just had to add the Mister part. So, Waffles is a three year old Cairn Terrier. Did you know that Cairn Terriers are an officially recognized breed by the American Kennel Club? Waffles is a small sized dog, and the AKC classifies his breed as 'medium energy' which is pretty awesome because he loves to play around and be active with you but isn't so hyper that he is too hard to handle.

The AKC also says that Cairn Terriers tend to be alert, busy, cheerful, and independent minded. Because Mr. Waffles here is a shelter dog, and Critter Shack Rescue is trying to adopt him out to the perfect family. Waffles is a little shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he is full of all sorts of love. He's really just looking for a nice, loving, settled home. He has no problem socializing with other dogs, people, or even kids. He's actually a great family dog as long as the children are too dominating. You can find the online adoption form here.

If you are interested in other pets, or volunteering with Critter Shack Rescue, they are at PetSmart every other weekend for an adoption event. Check out their website for more information, Critter Shack gives all sorts of updates on their Facebook page, or you can allways call Karen at 481-3240 or Shanny at 277-3556 for more information.