If you have contemplated going to a Piccadilly Circus then I warn you to stay away, stay far far away. Find out why by reading the whole article.

So San Angelo was the latest stop on the map for the Piccadilly Circus, and I thought to my self what a great place to take my son for a fun night that we don't normally get to have around here. Who could disagree that from the flyer a show with white tigers and trick ridding, the motorcycle ball of death, and some clowns it had to be an evening of fun.


So lets start from the beginning if you didn't get your pre sale tickets where if you ordered online you got buy one get one free adult tickets. But if you missed that be prepared to pay $32.00 a person to get in. Once inside the circus was on truly, a petting zoo that most West Texans have in their own back yard with $2 mini cups of feed, and lord only knows how expensive the tickets were to ride the mini ponies. Trying to keep a positive outlook I thought the circus might be better....WRONG! A opening act of a clown getting drunk because his car wouldn't work relays a positive opening message, followed by a less than mediocre performances by all involved it was hard to keep any ones attention. Then at intermission you could pay $10 to have your picture taken with two kids in "TRANSFORMER" costumes, NO THANKS. After intermission the acts only got worse and time seem to drag by as if tomorrow was never going to come.


Over all save your money and your time, I would never go to or recommend the Piccadilly Circus to anyone. Even if they told me they would pay me $100 dollars to go watch it again I would absolutely refuse.